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Are Interest Rates Going Up? Posted on Nov 02, 2021.

Are Interest Rates Going Up?

I hope everyone is enjoying getting their freedoms back, catching up with friends and family again and enjoying getting out to frequent their favourite Café, Restaurants and Hotels.

There have been a few things happening in the world of finance with the main topics this month being how the banks have increased their assessment rate buffer. This rate is what determines how much borrowing power you have when applying for a loan.

Also Interest Rates could be increased sooner than anticipated, so it might be a good time to be looking at what fixed rates are available. Once the media is alerted to ...

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Do I have the cheapest Home Loan? Posted on Aug 16, 2021.

Do I have the cheapest Home Loan?

Welcome to another edition of What's Hot, I hope everyone is safe and well.

I always try to look on the bright side of a bad situation and think it's a really good time whilst you are all at home, working, home schooling or both to have a look at your finances and see if there is something you could be doing to put yourself in a better position: Do I have the cheapest Home Loan? Do I have the right Home Loan structure? Should I be consolidating my small debts? Do we need to buy a bigger home or can we buy an investment property? Now It looks like we have another month in lock down so we need t...

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